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On an average workday, how many tasks does your team tackle?

If your office (virtual or not) is anything like the average, the number is easily in the double, if not triple digits.

If you want to keep track of the progress of multiple projects and critical business processes, email, spreadsheets etc., pen and paper just isn’t going to work.

The good news is that there are much simpler, more accessible systems for keeping work organized. With a dedicated task manager system, you can manage all

Here’s the thing about project plans—they won’t necessarily stop things from going awry.

Even the most well-documented project plan can fall flat. All it takes is a bad stroke of luck or an unforeseen crisis and you’re blown off course.

So why write project plans at all?

It’s simple: the real value of a project plan lies in the ability to spot high-level deviations as they occur. 

 By having a Project Plan in place, you’ll be able to recognize and respond to unplanned changes before they get o






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