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"From inception, Odoo S.A (formerly OpenERP S.A) has released software as open source and since then the company has transitioned to an open core model, which provides subscription-based proprietary enterprise software and cloud-hosted SaaS, in addition to the open source version. In 2013, the not-for-profit Odoo Community Association was formed to promote the widespread use of Odoo and to support the collaborative development of Odoo features.

Odoo's extensible architecture allows a large number of freelancers and organizations to develop Odoo Apps or Modules and place them in the marketplace for sale or to be downloaded for free. The main Odoo components are the framework, about 30 core applications (also called official modules), and more than 20000 community modules. Nowadays there are lots of companies who provide Odoo Development services than before. So, more and more people are aware about Odoo.

Odoo has been used as a component of university courses. A study on experimental learning suggested that Odoo (then known as OpenERP) provides a suitable alternative to proprietary systems to supplement teaching. - Wikipedia"

The Odoo Group is not affiliated with Odoo SA or any of the Odod Group companies.

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