How Does Robotic Process Automation Work?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a form of software that integrates with existing systems and automates the execution of explicit tasks that would otherwise be completed by humans.

RPA is used to automate manual or repetitive tasks, such as:

  • Data entry and manipulation
  • Document assembly and review
  • Business process flows (e.g., finance and accounting)
  • Periodic reporting or data gathering
  • End user support
Robotics Process Automation is a software for your software. A way of automating tasks with execution of commands, rules-based workflow and repeatable steps. All this with none to minimal human intervention.

Why should a Small & Medium Business (SMB) invest in Robotic Process Automation?

Software needs for SMB are different. They may not always have depth or know-how on selecting & maintaining software solutions. More than a scalable solutions they need softwares that vendors can support. They prefer packaged solutions (like SAP ERP system) which help them do more with less and scale in ways never before possible.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA has emerged as an effective solution for SMB as a software for their software - helping with accuracy, speed and cost reduction. It is a win-win for both IT & business teams as it increases productivity, helps business become self-reliant and IT teams keep focus on other mission critical applications. RPA is the future of automation. As SMB's need to stay relevant in today's competitive environment, they should be looking at RPA for their business.

What are the benefits of Robotic Process Automation for a small business?

It allows SMB to compete with their larger business by being more nimble and highly efficient. It helps them cut costs by saving time and money on mundane processes. Robotic process automation frees up employees to become more productive. It also increases customer satisfaction by providing faster service response times. As well, helps with increased compliance and better financial insight.

Despite all these benefits, IT decision makers at many SMBs hesitate to adopt RPA because they fear that this technology is expensive, needs technical expertise, has a long learning curve and lacks vendor support. While it was true in the past, many RPA solutions now are tailored for SMB and offer innovative solutions.

Business teams at SMB on other hand don't take a plunge to RPA because they fear that it will make their employees obsolete. But the truth is that most of the tasks that can be automated by RPA are those that employees consider "low value". These tasks do not require human skills and involve repetitive data entry or manipulation tasks like opening excel sheets and copying information from one column to another column OR using data from Excel and manually loading them in SAP system.

How Do I Get Started with Robotic Process Automation in SAP using Excel?

Robotic Process Automation in Excel is a Data Management Tool that is capable of automating tedious tasks right from within Excel. Since 1980’s, businesses of all sizes have been using Microsoft Excel as an essential business tool for Data organization, Data management, Data Validation, Data Approval & Presentation. While large corporations have been trying to use new spreadsheet tools such a Google Sheet, Quip etc, Excel however still remains as a leader & a go-to tool for SMB.

Using RPA in Excel, you can execute “bots” that would let you automate repetitive tasks in your enterprise systems such as SAP. With these bots you can manage both transactional data and master data in SAP. Some examples would be to mass create Sales Orders or Material Master records, Mass change Product Hierarchy, Extend Material to new plant, New Journal Entry etc etc. Virtually any SAP transaction can be automated.

Conclusion: Why You Should Try Out ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION for SAP Today!

Incalbo is a cloud based SaaS, quick start anywhere anytime to manage your SAP data right from within Excel. With an Incalbo add-in, you get an option in Excel to execute an SAP business process (one or many SAP transaction) right from the comfort of Excel. Using the easy to use mapper, you would train Incalbo once to learn the SAP business process and then share the trained project with other Excel users. Each excel user can independently then automate the SAP process.

Key features & Benefits:

  • Automate virtually any SAP transaction
  • Easy & Simple to use. Designed for SAP end-users
  • No Code / Low Code solution
  • No SAP software change or expensive server side installation
  • Compliant, secure and full adherence to SAP user permissions
  • Allows repetitive & automated tasks
  • One of a kind cloud based SaaS product (your data is fully secure and is not uploaded to cloud) 
  • Very high ROI

To learn more, visit www.incalbo.com and get started for free 

Watch video of how SAP Sales Order can be automated using Incalbo: 

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